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Transforming Ice-Cold Prospects into Lifelong Customers using Storytelling and Direct Response principles

Growth Protocol for SaaS/B2B Companies
to scale from 0-1000+ USERS

Our Conversion Optimized Services

Here are some of our Case Studies

Case Study #1

-> Initially the company was spending $70k on ads at a 1.2X ROAS using  ‘conventional videos’ without any structure.

-> After leveraging our performance creatives  they were able to scale to $327k at a 3.27X ROAS in less than 30 days.

-> biggest bottleneck for the them was creating & testing  quality content at scale.


10 TikToks/month

No structure to creatives.

Case Study #2

After :

Started Posting 60 TikToks/month.

We utilized better hooks, storylines and tailored our content towards relevant trends

Case Study #3

This is a German fitness

subscription app on the

Appstore.We were able to

profitably scale the application on

TikTok with an average ROAS of

3.43X using UGCs.


What is the price?

We work on a performance basis.

you just pay for the creatives - we’ll charge a small % of profit we generate as ad management fees.

P.S : We’d like to have equal skin in the game.

What is your guarantee?

We guarantee that with the right inputs you’ll get the desired outputs.

We’ll only take you on if we are a 100% confident that we can generate you results.

Also, we are rational people and we would not like to keep your money if we can’t deliver a positive ROI

Do you work on a 100% revenue share/performance model?

We don’t work on a completely  performance based model. These arrangements  are usually short-sighted,create misaligned incentives.

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